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1. What’s the City of San Marcos Code of Ordinances pertaining to fireworks?
2. Are fireworks allowed in San Marcos?
3. What is the penalty for using fireworks within San Marcos city limits, or within 5,000 feet of the city limits?
4. I've noticed someone illegally popping fireworks. Who do I call?
5. Will there be a public firework display in San Marcos?
6. Where can I park and watch the public firework display?
7. I plan to watch the display from a city park. What are the rules?
8. Will this year’s SummerFest event include the Children’s Patriotic Costume Contest?
9. I live outside of San Marcos city limits. If I plan to set off fireworks, what rules should I follow?
10. How does the Hays County burn ban impact the use of fireworks outside of San Marcos city limits?
11. I live outside of San Marcos city limits and plan to set off fireworks permitted for use. What safety tips should I follow?