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Smoke Detector Program

  2. Smoke Detector
  3. Free battery operated smoke detectors (not hard wired) are available for residents living within the San Marcos City limits. If you need help installing or checking the batteries in your home smoke detectors, SMFD can install new battery operated smoke detectors and assist with battery issues. Please fill out the request below and we'll get in contact with you.

  4. SMFD will reach out to you via this phone number. Please be sure it is a working number.
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  7. Smoke Detectors typically use 9 Volt Batteries
    9 volt battery
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    Newly built homes (0-10 years old) often have hard-wired smoke detectors systems installed. If you have one of these systems, they may require more than just the recommended 6 month backup battery replacement. The smoke detector itself, and not its battery, may require replacement. Please read your manual to call an electrician or contact your alarm company if needed. 

  10. **At least 3 days advanced notice required** 

    We like to respond to these requests with a quick response time. Please let us know a good, workable date/time range that you will be home and we can come by. Leave any additional notes you'd like for us to know. *Please note this is a request and due to the nature of the firefighter's day and schedule, it might vary or be rescheduled.

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