How much do the new carts cost residents?
The City’s garbage fee is a flat-rate fee for all solid waste and recycling programs, including the curbside cart service.

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1. Who decided that the City should start a green waste program and how was the decision made?
2. How much do the new carts cost residents?
3. What can I put in the new carts?
4. Isn’t it a compost cart? Why can’t I put food scraps in it?
5. Can citizens opt out of the program? If so, will citizens get an adjustment on their bill?
6. Why are the 96 gallon garbage carts being picked up and why are they being replaced with smaller ones?
7. Can citizens keep the 96 gallon garbage carts? Is there a fee?
8. When will unwanted carts be picked up?
9. What happens if I use the carts for the wrong items?