What do I do about an overdue library book citation notice?
Contact the San Marcos Municipal Court of Record in person at 712 South Stagecoach Trail, Suite 2233, San Marcos, Texas 78666 or by telephone at 512-393-8190.

Please be sure to check the appearance date on your citation and to make contact with the Court on or before the date indicated.

If you lost your citation, contact the Court immediately to see if they can locate your citation information and determine your schedule appearance date. The Court will provide you with additional information regarding whether you may be eligible for a dismissal of the citation upon returning any overdue books or library materials.

When you have returned your library books or library materials to the Library you will receive a compliance letter which you will need to submit to the prosecutor at the City Attorney's Office located at 630 East Hopkins Street. If all requirements have been met a dismissal will be prepared and forwarded to the Municipal Court. If you have any questions regarding the compliance letter please contact the City Attorney's office by telephone at 512-393-8150.

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