What is the City doing about these readings?
The City began a water sampling program near the Hays County Government Center in response to water quality problems experienced in the building. Tests from samples taken September 4 showed lead readings in 3 of 6 samples above the EPA’s action levels.

The water system in the area was flushed on September 7, and a new round of samples was taken September 8. These showed 2 of 6 readings above action levels but at different locations from the initial tests. City water distribution personnel conducted 3rd and 4th rounds of sampling September 10. The City has asked TCEQ to conduct confirmation sampling through a 3rd-party contractor.

Additionally, the City has formed a water quality task force consisting of Alan Plummer Associates Inc. (APAI), the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and City staff to work on addressing the problem. The task force will determine the appropriate next steps regarding additional sampling, interpretation of the results, identification of causes, corrective actions necessary and will start the water treatment analysis as appropriate. For more information please call 512-393-8009.

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