Growth & Preservation Allocation Exercise

This exercise allowed citizens to create their own growth scenario for the City assuming a 2035 population increase of approximately 33,000 and a retail square footage increase of 1 million. Also known as the "chip exercise," these 2 half-day workshops provided participants with maps of San Marcos and LEGOs which were scaled to the map and represented different land uses and development intensities. Areas for preservation were identified and the LEGOs placed in areas preferred by the groups to represent small and large scale developments (Vision page 28 to 29).


Having people that I might have thought were on different sides working together. Environmentalists working side-by-side with realtors and placing their markers in the same location. That's pretty much a miracle. It's been a fun exercise.

- Donna Hill, Steering Committee Vice Chair

Discussing Over a Map at the Growth Scenario

Better than textbook, it's really extraordinary. Well organized, people are engaged, staff is phenomenal, consultants did an unbelievable job and that's all I can say. Just a fantastic experience.

- Ben Luckens, Luckens Planning Consultants

People Working on a Map at the Growth Scenario

I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be. There are a lot of people to put in the space. You walk into it thinking very idealistic. You think with high density in just the right areas it will work and find out you run out of those areas really quickly. You end up having to consider a lot more that you thought you'd have to consider going in.

- Angie Ramirez, Citizens Advisory Committee member

Young Citizens at the Growth Scenario