Court Rules & Procedures

BE IT KNOWN that on this day, January 1st, 2019, the City of San Marcos Municipal Court of Record, Texas has adopted its RULES OF COURT, in order to provide efficiency, uniformity and fairness in conducting the business of this court.

Dallari Landry
Presiding Judge

General Rules and Information

Requesting a Reset or a Continuance

If you are an attorney representing a client with cases in our court and are scheduled to appear on the attorney pre-trial conference docket or at either a bench trial or jury trial, you must submit a motion for continuance at least five business days before your scheduled date.  

If your case is scheduled for hearing or trial, either trial by judge or by jury, you must submit a motion for continuance at least five business days before the date of your trial.  You may use your own motion so long as it contains the information required by statute, or you may download and use our form: Motion for Continuance (PDF).  Please see Standing Order - Rules for Continuances (PDF) for more information on continuances.

If you are scheduled to appear at the plea docket or pre-trial hearing docket, your request for a reset must be submitted within two business days of your scheduled date on a completed Request for Reset Form.  The form must be filled out completely and must be timely filed in order for your request to be considered. Note: Attorneys representing clients in our court may not use the reset form and must file a motion for continuance.

Motions and requests for reset may be filed in person, or by mail, fax, or email.

Local Jury Announcement Docket Rules

Help for Self-Represented (Pro-Se) Defendants

The public has access to helpful tools for self-representation, as directed under Texas Senate Bill 1911, effective Sept. 1, 2017.  You may also visit the Hays County Law Library.