Firework Safety

San Marcos is Not the Place to Use Fireworks

San Marcos Fire Department would like to remind everyone of the City Ordinance regarding fireworks.

Chapter 38 of the City of San Marcos Code of Ordinances Sec. 38.054

Violations declared nuisances: extraterritorial application. (a) The following are declared public nuisances: (1) The sale, possession, storage, discharge, or offer for sale of fireworks; or

(2) Any violation of this article which poses a serious danger to the safety of persons or property. (b) It is unlawful for a person to create or maintain a public nuisance, or to engage in any activity that constitutes a public nuisance, within the city limits or within 5,000 feet of the city limits. (Ord. No. 2002-18, § 1, 3-4-02)