Fire Station 4

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Relocated Fire Station 4 was officially opened on August 31, 2018 to replace Fire Station 4 that was built in 1982.

Assigned Apparatus

Engine 4: 52-315

2017 Spartan ERV Class A Pumper responds to fire and other emergency calls with hose, ladders, hydraulic and hand rescue tools. It carries 500 gallons of water, and is equipped with an AED unit.

Engine 4

Brush Truck 4: 52-625

2013 Ford F-550, Extended cab, 4x4 responds to off-road brush and grass fires. It carries 325 gallons of water, has FoamPro 1601 foam system, front end turret, hose and hand tools. Brush Trucks are ideal for off-road firefighting.

Brush Truck 4

Former Fire Station 4 was located at 404 Broadway Street and was built in 1982. The prior station had been plagued by both structural and functional shortfalls for many years.

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