Fixed Food Establishments

Starting a Food Business

1. Apply for a new Certificate of Occupancy. You may also email the Permit Center or call 512-805-2630.

2. Apply for a new Fixed Food Permit online or by contacting the Health Department. Required supporting documents to be submitted with application:

  1. Updated floor plan
  2. Grease trap manifest dated within 90 days
  3. Sales tax permit
  4. Menu
  5. State ID/Driver’s License
  6. Food manager certificate


Phone: 512-393-8444

3. Pay permit fees for both applications.

4. Plan Review – During this time we will review your applications and documents. If there is anything we need changed we will notate it on your project file. Once each relevant department has completed their review you should receive a complied list of the comments from the permit center. You may also reach out to us directly during this process to check on the status of your application. You will not be able to schedule inspections until you have cleared the plan review stage. 

5. Schedule inspections – You must pass 3 inspections to receive your permit. The departments requiring an inspection are Fire, Health, and Building. 

6. Pass inspections

Fire – Contact Fire at 512-805-2600 for questions on inspection standards

Building – Contact the Permit Center at 512-805-2530 for questions on inspection standards

Health – All equipment must be installed. Coolers must be on and at temperature. Hot water must be available. Establishment must be operation ready and match the submitted floor plan. Other items may be identified that must be corrected in accordance with 2017 FDA Food Code and the Texas Food Establishment Rules. For new establishments, NO FOOD is allowed on site before passing inspection. 

7. The Certificate of Occupancy and Food Permit will only be issued when all of the above requirements have been met.