Fixed Food Establishments

Starting a Food Business

In order to begin a food business a new Certificate of Occupancy (CO) must first be applied for through Planning and Development Services. Follow the inserted link to apply online. Planning and Development may also be contacted at or (512) 805-2630.

Building plans may need to be submitted to Planning and Development depending on if any modifications or renovations will be made. All necessary permits that need to be pulled will also be addressed by Planning and Development. 

Whether or not plans need to be submitted Sanitarians are available to consult over the phone regarding what will be required by health code in a food establishment. The first guidance document below also gives a list of many, but not all, of the requirements for a food establishment to pass the opening health inspection.

A separate food permit will need to be applied for in addition to the CO. In order to open and receive the CO inspections must be scheduled and passed with the building department, Fire Prevention, and Environmental Health. To request the building inspection and Fire Prevention inspection call Planning and Development. To schedule the health inspection contact Environmental Health with the information below.

If there are any questions contact San Marcos Environmental Health at or (512) 393-8444.