Mobile Food Units

The Fire Marshal's office works with the Environmental Health Division to ensure codes and ordinances are followed. For more information on mobile food units, visit the Environmental Health Division website. All new and existing mobile food units must have a permit through MyPermitNow.

Mobile food units that utilize propane must have an annual propane pressure test performed by a licensed plumber, propane provider or other licensed professional before the initial or renewal inspection. The propane pressure test provider must complete the Propane System Pressure Test Form in order to be valid. MFUs currently permitted by the City that have grills, gas stoves, fryers, or other food equipment that can produce grease vapors, shall have a fire suppression system installed on the vent hood. 

The Fire Marshal checklist for mobile food units is a helpful document that covers the most typical mobile food unit situations.

All new mobile food unit inspections are performed in the parking lot at 850 Barnes Dr Ste 130. No power is available at this location therefore the MFU owner is responsible for bringing a generator that is able to run the unit including refrigeration or heating units, water heater and water pump. Please park and set up at the end of the parking lot away from the storefront.