FEMA Flood Map Revision Process

FEMA Map Revision Status Update

FEMA is leading the efforts to update the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the Blanco River Watershed from upstream of San Marcos in the Blanco area to downstream in the Gonzales area.

The City of San Marcos is participating in these efforts and map revision process will include not only the Blanco River, but the San Marcos River and portions of Sink, Purgatory, Willow Springs, and Cottonwood Creeks as well. This webpage has been created to share the information provided to the City during this process. If you have any questions please contact the City of San Marcos Engineering Department at 512-393-8130.


March Presentation Status Update

First Deliverable Area Draft Flood Maps - These maps include the Blanco River and tributaries upstream of the City of San Marcos. This information has been released for local official review. If you have any comments please send to the respective County or City in the area of concern.

May Presentation Status Update

Second Deliverable Area Draft Flood Maps - These maps include Sink, Purgatory, and Cottonwood Creeks upstream and within the City of San Marcos.

Schedule Moving Forward



Receive second deliverable area to include the creeks within the San Marcos area, Sink, Purgatory, and Cottonwood Creeks.


Receive third deliverable area to include the Blanco and San Marcos River and Willow Springs Creek within the City of San Marcos.


Flood Risk Review Meetings of Draft Preliminary Panels with additional details.


Projected Preliminary Regulatory Maps released for public review online.


January through February

Flood Risk Open House Events and Insurance Workshops

March through May

After the Open House events, FEMA will coordinate with the local communities to initiate the formal 90-Day Appeal Period.

6 Months Later

After all appeals have been resolved, FEMA will move toward issuance of the Letter of Final Determination and the new effective maps will then be adopted.

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