Wrecker Rotation System Registration Form

Wrecker Rotation System Registration

  1. Number of Wreckers:
  2. I, the undersigned, certify 1) that all the information on this registration form is true and correct, 2) that I have received a copy of the City Ordinance regulating wrecker services and that I have read and am familiar with it, and agree to abide by it, and 3) that I am authorized to submit this application on behalf of the business identified herein.
  3. Notes:

    1. The registration form must be accompanied by a current certificate of insurance for the wrecker service. The certificate must list the City of San Marcos as an additional insured, and provide that the insurance carrier will give notice at least thirty days prior to any cancellation or expiration of the coverage.

    2. To be eligible for registration the rotation system, a wrecker service must meet all the following requirements:

         - The wrecker service must have at least two properly operating vehicles available for service at all times, fully equipped in accordance with City Code Section 90.243.

         - The wrecker service must comply at all times with the insurance requirements requirements in City Code Section 90.244.

    3. There is no fee for participating in the Marshals Department Rotation System

    4. Participation in the Police/Marshals Department rotation system by a wrecker service is a privilege and does not constitute any form of property right of a wrecker service. 

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