Your Responsibilities


Sustainable waste management is a complex system. The first step to reducing waste is understanding your role in the process. By working together, we can create a more sustainable San Marcos today, for tomorrow.

  1. Residents
  • Follow the recycling guidelines 
    • Not all paper, plastic, metal, or glass is accepted in the recycling program
  • Separate recyclables from garbage 
    • Use a two-bin waste system in your home for landfill garbage and recyclables (remember to skip the bag)
  • Deposit recyclables in the appropriate containers
    • Recycling access varies by property. Depending on where you live, you may have access to:
      • Texas Disposal Systems recycling carts (green with tan lids)
      • Texas Disposal Systems recycling dumpsters
      • Recycling chutes in the parking garage or garbage room(s) if you live in a mid-rise building
      • A recycling center where the containers are enclosed and marked with signs 
      • Valet/doorstep recycling collection (contact your property office for service guidelines)
  • Never use recycling containers for garbage
    • Garbage or non-acceptable materials in the recycling system are called contaminants
    • Contamination is one of the biggest challenges to the current state of recycling and severely diminishes the value of recyclables
  • Keep container lids closed and service areas free of loose material
    • Never overload recycling containers or place material on top of containers
  • Report recycling service issues to the Resource Recovery Division
    • Examples include: contaminated or smelly containers, overflowing or blocked containers, missing recycling containers, and locked enclosures or chutes
  1. Owners/Managers
  1. Texas Disposal Systems
  1. San Marcos Resource Recovery