Sustainable Facilities

The City of San Marcos strives to lead by example by incorporating sustainable features into both new and renovated facilities.  

The Library expansion was completed in May 2021 and includes various sustainability upgrades:

  • A 65,000 gallon rainwater harvesting and condensate collection system used for landscape irrigation,
  • Three water retention ponds landscaped with native plants for natural filtration of parking lot runoff,
  • Hands-free plumbing devices for efficient water use in restrooms,
  • Efficient lighting solutions such as daylighting, LED lights and occupancy sensors.
  • Energy efficient HVAC with high quality air filters,
  • Green transportation options such as dedicated bicycle parking, close proximity to the bus stop, and a dual EV charging station,
  • Reduced waste by reusing and expanding onto the existing building, reusing existing metal book shelving, and incorporating other recycled products into the re-design,
  • Used low VOC carpet and flooring,
  • Removed only 2 trees in the expansion and planted 30 new trees,
  • A new OneCallNow system to reduce paper usage for overdue notifications. 

The new Public Services Complex was completed in October 2021 and includes the following sustainability elements:

  • A 500 kW rooftop solar PV system on the utility and warehouse buildings,
  • Four 18,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tanks to be used for landscape irrigation,
  • Efficient HVAC with economizer and outside air demand ventilation,
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures in restrooms and kitchen areas,
  • Landscaping in transition areas,
  • Permeable pavement was vetted but was not included due to soils and performance issues.    
Front Water Tank
Rainwater Sign
Back Pond
PSC pic 2