Library Sustainability Features

  • Rainwater collection tanks have been installed. 
  • The library has a series of three water retention ponds to filter runoff. Much of the filtration work is done by native plants that were installed in and around the ponds. 
  • The library expansion and the original building had new LED lighting installed, and it is currently set at 70% in order to reduce energy use. Many rooms have sensors so that lights are on only when the room is in use. 
  • A second row of clear story windows were installed, so plenty of natural light is available within the library.  
  • A new EV charging station was installed in the parking lot with the capacity to charge two cars. 
  • Energy efficient HVAC was installed with high quality filters.
  • Hands-free toilets and sinks provides efficient water use in the new restrooms.
  • We have close proximity to the San Marcos Bus and encourage ridership.
  • The library has plenty of bicycle parking available.
  • Only two existing trees were removed to build the addition, but in its place over 30 new trees were planted.
  • By reusing the building we had, we started with an efficient design.
  • Inside the library, we re-used our metal shelving.
  • As always, the library does recycle and many of the components in the library are made from recycled products. 
  • Carpet and flooring were installed using low gas emitting chemicals.  
  • The library purchased OneCallNow software that sends messages via telephone about items that are about to be due. In the first month of operation, we saw a 75% decrease in the number of items overdue. We printed far less overdue notices, saving paper, time, and snail mail postage.  
Back Water Tank
Front Water Tank
Harvesting Rainwater
Back Pond
Bioswale Sign
Native Plants and Trees