Tree & Brush Ordinance

Ordinance Requires Maintenance of Private Vegetation by Property Owners

Effective December 1, 2005, City personnel will begin using a new door hanger notification system to enforce City vegetation and site clearance ordinances. This will help ensure public safety and free up man hours to do other things such as street striping and replacing faded signs. City ordinances 74.122 and 74.125 require property owners to maintain unobstructed passage on adjacent streets and sidewalks. Land Development Code (LDC) (g) requires owners of corner lots to maintain visibility for motorists traveling on adjacent streets.

Ordinance 74.127 and LDC provide provisions for penalty. If you receive an inspection notice for private trees/vegetation, please remove the obstruction within 10 days to improve safety for pedestrians and/or traffic. Persons failing to comply with the notice commit a misdemeanor offense.

Diagram of Sidewalk Near a Tree
Diagram of Streets Around Property


A minimum of 8 feet clearance must be maintained between the property line and the curb line, and a minimum clearance of 16 feet must be maintained at the center line of the street. Shaded area indicates where plants can be no higher than 30 inches.