Project Name: Rio Vista Falls Maintenance

Project Number: 743

Project Manager: Greg Schwarz

Current Design Phase: 100%

Construction Estimate: $1,500,000

Construction Start Year: 2021

Project Information: The instream structures and bank improvements at Rio Vista Falls that were constructed 15 years ago have never had any maintenance and have resisted consistent strong currents and 3 major flooding events since their construction. In many locations throughout Rio Vista Park, underwater voids or undercuts have formed in the existing bank and structures due to the river’s strong currents.  This maintenance project will repair the voids and undercuts using a different strategy than was used for the original construction project which will provide a more robust system of protection against strong currents in the future.  This project will also include some minor maintenance work at Dog Beach. In order to perform the maintenance, the river will be dewatered from the upstream drop to near Cheatham Street.  Strategies will be in place to ensure maximum survival of aquatic flora and fauna during the dewatering process.  Additional strategies will be in place to protect the water quality of the river during construction. The project bid has been awarded and construction is scheduled to start mid-September 2021.

Rio Vista Falls Maintenance Project Aerial