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Spin Shared Mobility Program

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In partnership with Texas State University, the City of San Marcos will deploy a dockless bike and scooter share program in response to restrictions of the public transit systems. The shared mobility program will give the community members an additional option for transportation. 

To ride, community members will need to download the spin app titles "Spin - Electric Scooters" in the App Store or the Google Play store.

A young man rides a scooter down the street wearing a face mask

Enjoy your Spin experience with these safety tips

1.    Always Wear a Helmet - You can get one free (just pay shipping) by taking Spin's safety quiz,

2.    Ride Responsibility - Be mindful of other riders, pedestrians and cyclists.

3.    Avoid Stunt Riding - Riding a scooter is fast and fun, but please — leave stunts to the professionals.

4.    One Rider Per Scooter – Please keep your scooter to yourself. 

5.    Show Respect When Parking - Park only in designated areas and remember to end your trip correctly.

For issues with Spin, email your concerns to

or contact by phone at 888-262-5189

San Marcos residents are eligible to participate in the SPIN Access program. Visit the SPIN Access website here to learn how residents can ride SPIN scooters without a smartphone and/or credit card, and apply for discounted rates. 


SPIN Access offers discounted rates to qualifying San Marcos residents. Residents will be required to provide documentation for approval. Please visit SPIN Access or call 1(888)262-5189 for more information.  

VeoRide Contract

The City’s bike-share contract with VeoRide expired in August 2020.  We will continue to explore new multimodal transportation options for our community.