Residential Parking Permit

Parking Permit Information

The City Council wishes to alleviate chronic levels of commuter or non-resident parking along streets with adjacent residential properties by establishing a Residential Permit Program. The desired result of the Residential Permit Program is to increase the amount of on-street parking available to residents and their guests while balancing the needs of others who desire to park along public streets. While this program does not guarantee or assign specific spaces on public streets for residential vehicles, the regulation of parking through the Residential Parking Permit Program may be the least restrictive approach that best mitigates the problem.

Request for Permit

Any individual wishing to receive a parking permit will be required to complete a petition for permit. This petition will verify each individual lives in a designated parking area or is otherwise eligible for a parking permit under the requirements of this section. To initiate a Residential Parking Permit on your street, please send an email to Public Works.

Petition for Designated Permit Area

The petition for the designated permit area must originate from a resident or property owner whose property abuts the requested designated permit area with the assistance of city staff. The requester must:

  1. Be considered the requester of the record and act as primary contact for the request
  2. Be responsible for submission of a signed petition by 60% of all single family houses and 4-plex or smaller rental properties located within the designated permit area
  3. Provide a description or a map showing the proposed blocks of the designated permit area
  4. Include the address of each residential lot within the proposed designated permit area
  5. Identify any non-residential properties located within the proposed designated permit area, such as churches, schools, public facilities or commercial establishments
  6. Provide a statement of the proposed parking restrictions desired by the applicants, including days of the week, times of the day, and the length of time for the parking restriction
  7. Submit a signed petition with the following statement affixed: "We the undersigned are residents and/or property owners of the proposed designated permit area described in this application. We understand that:
    1. If this area is designated, certain restrictions will be placed upon on-street parking within the area.
    2. Residents and/or property owners of the area will be entitled to obtain a limited number of parking permits exempting their vehicles from such parking restrictions, but if a resident and/or property owner owns a vehicle without having a permit displayed, that vehicle will be subject to the parking restrictions.
    3. Parking permits will be issued for a term of 1 year and require replacement each year.
    4. The cost of the annual parking permits will be paid by the residents and/or property owners. This restriction will be valid for a minimum of one year


The city traffic engineer will review all petitions submitted for a proposed designated parking permit area in accordance with the applicable city ordinances


Resident permits are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Permits may be obtained at the Grant Harris Jr. Building located at 401 E Hopkins, San Marcos, TX, 78666. Proof of ownership, management, or residency may be shown with at least one of the following to obtain your permit:

  1. A valid driver's license with current address.
  2. A current property tax statement.
  3. A current utility bill in the requester's name dated within 30 days of the date of petition.
  4. Voter registration card with current address.
  5. A copy of an executed lease between the owner or agent of the property and the tenant or tenants. Only those tenants indicated on the lease will be considered eligible to purchase permits. Subleases are not accepted.
  6. Any other documentation deemed acceptable by the RPP Coordinator.


One day passes and temporary construction permits are valid for the time periods designated for each such permit under this section. Guest permits are valid for the period of time stated in such permit.

  1. Costs:
    1. Resident Permit - $5
    2. Guest Permit - $5
    3. One Day Pass - $0.10
    4. Temporary Construction Permit - no cost
  2. 1 Guest Permit will be issued for each Resident Permit with a maximum of 2 Guest Permits per residence
  3. The combined total number of Resident Permits and/or Guest Permits for each residence is limited to 5 permits per year
  4. Temporary construction permits lasting no more than 45 days can be requested for vehicles of workers
  5. Resident Permits must be affixed to the window of a motor vehicle to be valid (Any altered or obstructed Resident Permit will invalidate the permit and be considered a parking violation regardless if it was assigned property to a particular residence)
  6. Guest permits must be hanging, and prominently display information regarding the issuance and certification information (Any altered or obstructed Guest Permit will invalidate the permit and be considered a parking violation regardless if it was assigned properly to a particular residence)
  7. Resident Permit holders that sell or trade automobiles for a residence may have the permit replaced at no charge provided the original permit is returned
  8. 1 Day Passes may be issued under the Residential Parking Program Guidelines

Parking Without Valid Permit Prohibited

No person shall park and leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended in a designated parking area outside of the posted permitted parking times for the designated permit area without a valid parking permit for the designated permit area from the city. Revoked or expired permits are not considered to be valid permits for purposes of this subsection.