Street Sweeping Information

Swept street

The City of San Marcos owns and maintains just above 450 miles of streets and each street is swept at least three times a year. We currently have three street sweepers, Tymco 600's and one Ravo which sweeps bike lanes. Sweepers travel between 1- 5 mph and are operated from the "passenger side" of the truck, which helps the driver see the edge of the road. The sweepers are a "closed system," meaning no polluted air is released back into the atmosphere.

Street sweeping is an integral program under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) to help keep our community free of pollutants. The program removes sediment, trash, gravel and leaves from the street preventing them from entering our creeks and rivers. 

The sweeping map breaks up the City in 12 different sectors and certain sectors are swept each week and on a rotation. Please click on the links below for the sector locations!

For more information on the Street Sweeping program, please contact the Public Works  Department at 512-393-8036 or