Downtown Alleys Reconstruction

This project will reconstruct the alleys between Guadalupe Street and LBJ: Kissing Alley, from Hopkins to Hutchison and the alley from Hutchison to University Drive, in 2020 and 2021. 

Concrete pavers will be used in Kissing Alley and the remaining alleys will have reconstructed asphalt paving. Both alleys between Hopkins and University will convert to underground electrical and telecom utilities.  

  • Kissing Alley improvement concepts were prepared in 2018. Concepts ‘A’ and ‘B’ were chosen by stakeholders as the preferred concepts, shown below. 
  • The designs were developed with an assumption that vehicular access to Kissing Alley will be closed at Hopkins Street. The proposed heart sign at Hopkins Street would block vehicular access to Kissing Alley. Removable bollards will be considered as alternate option.

Kissing Alley Project Schedule

  • Design Phase Completion: April 2022
  • Bid Phase Completion: October 2022
  • Construction Phase Completion: December 2023

Other alleys downtown will be reconstructed in 2025/2027.

Concept A
Concept B
Alley Scope