Rainwater Harvesting Rebate

Rainwater harvesting not only conserves water, but it’s also a great way to reduce stormwater runoff, thus reducing pollution of our rivers and streams.  A rainwater harvesting system can be as simple as a rain barrel with a hose-bib or may consist of multiple large tanks with pumping and filtration systems. Rainwater is typically used for landscape irrigation, but can also be used for filling swimming pools, washing cars, or even for flushing toilets and washing clothes. This program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of both small and large rainwater systems and is applicable to new finished rainwater barrels or tanks and associated components such as first-flush diverters, primary filtrations systems and pumps.  

The program is open to City of San Marcos Water Utility customers with an account in good standing. Pre-approval may be required in order to qualify for the rebate.

For more information download the program flyer and application (PDF) and the San Marcos Rainwater Guidelines (PDF).

If you have questions please email Jan De La Cruz.  

Rustic Rainwater Tank