Working Cat Program

Twilight 49579271Do you have a barn, warehouse, garage, shop, or other structure that can provide housing for a few working cats? Are you looking for non-toxic pest control for your property? If so, please consider adopting some working cats from the shelter and support this life-saving program!

Working cats are feral or unsocial cats that cannot be adopted into traditional pet homes. They're used to life outdoors and prefer minimal to no human contact.

If we have any working cats at SMRAS you can find them on our full list of adoptable animals.

Reasons to adopt working cats:

  • They serve as excellent critter patrol. Working cats will help keep rodents and other pests away from your property.
  • They are independent and low-maintenance. All working cats come spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. All they need is food and water daily, a permanent building or shelter to live in, and basic care.
  • They deserve a chance at life. Since these cats cannot be indoor pets and cannot be returned to their outdoor homes that they are familiar with (which is always preferable), being adopted out as working cats is their only live outcome option. By adopting working cats, you are saving their lives.
  • There is no adoption fee. However, donations are accepted and encouraged to ensure the sustainability of the program. You can make a financial donation online through Mutt Strutt.

How do I keep working cats on my property?

When you bring new cats to your property, they will need to be confined to an enclosed area for 2-4 weeks while they get accustomed to their new surroundings. After this acclimation period, the cats will normally accept their new environment as their home and will stick around. Here is an information sheet (PDF) about successfully relocating working cats.