What to Expect

Hicks and Company Environmental, Archeological, and Planning Consultants along with City staff and volunteers will photo-document each historic-age property from the public right-of-way and record details about its architectural style, exterior materials, and alterations. Surveyors will also conduct research on important associations for the buildings in the survey area (for example, homes or businesses of important people and locations of important events).

Historians from Hicks and Company will be in San Marcos to perform the survey and conduct local research during the Fall 2018, starting in November. Please feel free to speak to the historians and ask questions if you see them in your neighborhood.

My Property Is Inside the Survey Boundary, What Does This Mean for My Property?

Hicks and Company, through field surveys and research, will document all historic-age buildings (built in or before 1975) within the reconnaissance survey boundary. One digital color photograph will be taken of each primary resource, with additional photographs taken as applicable. All resources will be evaluated for integrity and significance and given a priority rating of high, medium, or low; high and medium resources are considered contributing to a current or potential historic district. If your property is located within the survey boundary and was built later than 1975, your property will not be surveyed. All resources that appear to be of historic age will be surveyed. For the windshield survey area, representative photographs of typical buildings and streetscapes will be taken to document the general context and significance of the area's resources and to provide a preliminary framework for future evaluation.

The results of the survey will be contained in a draft and final written Historic Resources Survey Report that will include the survey's purpose and methodology, appropriate historic contexts, survey results, and a thorough recommendation section with specific recommendations for local, state, and federal historic recommendations, future updates to the survey, and other appropriate preservation methods. The reports will analyze both the reconnaissance and windshield survey areas and evaluate and update the existing survey information.