Purgatory Creek Improvements Phase 1 - 679

Project Name: Purgatory Creek Improvements Phase 1

Project Update - Spring 2022:  

Project design documents (30% level of design) have been completed including:

  • 30% Plan Set
  • Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • 30% Engineering Report
  • 30% Drainage Technical Memorandum 
  • Wastewater Crossing Technical Report
  • Riparian Vegetation Management Plan
  • Landscape Narrative
  • Ecosystem Design Technical Report
  • Soil Assessment Report
  • Geological Assessment
  • Phase 1 Archeological Background Report
  • Geotechnical Data Report – Channel
  • Geotechnical Data Report – Vehicular Bridges
  • Union Pacific Railroad Preliminary Plan Sheets
  • Property Map
  • Tree Mitigation Spreadsheet

While we are waiting to start the completion of design documents, environmental/permitting services continue to be conducted for the entire Purgatory Creek watershed including the Phase 1 and 2 areas.  In addition, we have started an invasive vegetation management plan including the removal of invasive vegetation along Purgatory Creek.   


Purgatory Floodplain Exhibit