City of San Marcos Arts and Cultural Funding

Important information for events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the tourism industry and the cultural life of our community, forcing event cancellations and general uncertainty in arts and cultural organizations. With this in mind, the City of San Marcos is allowing 2019 Arts and Cultural Grant recipients to modify or postpone their events to deal with the realities of COVID-19 or to return unused funds as a result of event cancellation.  

Notification and instructions to grant awardees will be sent to the recipient or fiscal sponsor via email with a breakdown of their funding source amounts. 

  • General Fund and Diversity Grants: Programs funded by the City’s General Fund and Diversity grants may be postponed to December 31, 2020 at the latest or held virtually with written notification to the Arts Coordinator via email.  The notice should describe the proposed modifications or change in date.
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funding: Programs funded through the City’s HOT allocations may be postponed to December 31, 2020 at the latest  with notice to the Arts Coordinator. Events funded with HOT may not be held virtually.
  • Event cancellation: If an event is cancelled entirely, regardless of its funding source, then unused grant money must be returned to the City within 60 days. Notice of cancellation should be sent to the Arts Coordinator, along with an accounting of any funds spent and the amount of money to be returned.
  • Events funded through multiple sources: HOT money must be used for events and projects that will enhance tourism to San Marcos and bring visitors to our community, so it cannot be used for virtual events or other alternate uses that do not bring travelers to San Marcos. Grant recipients with multiple funding sources are encouraged to contact the Arts Coordinator and discuss options for their event.

For questions, please contact Arts Coordinator Trey Hatt at

Arts and cultural program grants

Grants are available for projects that promote or enhance the arts in San Marcos. Projects must also enhance tourism to our community. 

Our vision for San Marcos is a city in which artistic excellence is celebrated, supported and available to all. The mission of the San Marcos Arts Commission is to promote tourism in San Marcos by enriching our city and its diverse cultural heritage by supporting works of artistic excellence, advancing arts education and strengthening the arts in the community while promoting local tourism and the convention industry. The appointed commission provides oversight for the expenditure of city Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT Tax) and general funds for the promotion of the arts.