SMart Award

Contribution to the Arts Recognition Program

The purpose of the San Marcos Art (SMart) Award program is to encourage and recognize outstanding support and enhancement of the arts and cultural life of San Marcos; to recognize the important contributions of artists and arts organizations to the quality of life and economic vitality of the community; and to encourage volunteerism and business participation with local arts organizations.

Each fall the San Marcos Arts Commission accepts nominations from the community. Awards are presented to winners October. SMart awards are presented to individuals in our community who have made significant contributions to the creation, support, or advocacy of all art forms in San Marcos.

SMart Award Recipients:

2019 Advocacy Awards

  • Cecy Holcomb
  • Julie Balkman/Wake the Dead
  • Kelsey Huckaby
  • Lucky Tomblin--posthumous

2018 Advocacy Awards
  • San Marcos Performing Arts Association
  • Carlos "Chitah Daniels Kennedy" Molina
  • The Price Center
  • Kevin Huffaker
  • Johnnie Armstead - Posthumous Award
  • Kathryn Welch - SPARK Award
  • La Socedad Cuauhtémoc - Arts Organization Award
  • Kaitlin Hopkins - Smart Award Individual
  • Joan Nagel &Tracy Weinberg - Smart Award Individual
  • Rice Harrington - Posthumous Award
  • Jordan Buckley/San Marcos Cinema Club - Spark Award
  • Lee Coleé - Smart Award Individual
  • Christopher Hansen - Smart Award Individual
  • Terri Hendrix - Smart Award Individual


  • John Hood - Posthumous Award
  • Jody Cross - Spark Award
  • Art Squared - SMart Award Organization
  • Scott Wade - SMart Award Individual
  • Billy Ray and Beverly Mangham, Eye of the Dog Art Center - SMart Award Advocate
  • Mario Garza and the Indigenous Cultures Institute - Diversity Award
  • Daniel Hannon - John Hood


  • Ron and Marie Jaeger
  • Deanna Badgett
  • Billi London-Gray


  • Kent Finley
  • Kyle Mylius
  • Jerry Touchstone Kimmel


  • Ophelia Vasquez-Philo and El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos
  • Linda Kelsey-Jones
  • Arlis Hiebert